Commercial Moorings



How can we help?

For Henley Royal Regatta week we offer commercial moorings on a daytime or evening basis. Please contact us at to discuss your requirements.

Only pre approved commercial boats are authorised to operate at our venue, including offering river taxi services.  Action will be taken against unauthorised commercial operators.

Unauthorised Moorings and Drop Offs

We do not offer an area for drop offs.  We work with District Enforcement and signs are displayed all along the bank.  District Enforcement will be charging £200 per incident for unauthorised moorings and drop offs, as per the signage.

Henley Festival Moorings

If you would like to moor at Temple Island Meadows during Henley Festival you can book directly with SRB Moorings:

Call 07774 701314 or email

If the event is cancelled due to COVID-19, please be assured that you will have the option to either roll your ticket over to the following year or have a full refund.