The Event Of The Summer



Established as a single afternoon race in 1839, Henley Royal Regatta has become internationally renowned as the largest racing regatta in the world.

Held on the 27th weekend each year, it is now an established event in the English social season.

Temple Island Meadows during Henley Royal Regatta

Temple Island Meadows is situated on the Berkshire bank of the River Thames (the racing side) and covers approximately half of the Henley Royal Regatta course, including the Start of the racing.

During Henley Royal Regatta, The Copas Partnership offers an extensive range of facilities at Temple Island Meadows, including hospitality enclosures, bar and refreshment facilities, car parking, trade stands, boat moorings, and much more.

In 2010 Henley Royal Regatta featured in the film The Social Network.  The clip below is taken from the film, with great views of the course, it gives you an idea of what the event is like.

In 2015 the Henley Royal Regatta was televised for the first time, see footage here!


  • 1839 - The first Regatta was held and has been held every year since, except during the two World Wars and in 2020 due to COVID-19
  • 1840 - The first Regatta was 1 day, but in 1840 it became a 2 day event
  • 1884 - Regatta managed by a body of self-selecting stewards
  • 1886 - The Regatta became a 3 day event after generating so much interest
  • 1906 - The Regatta became a 4 day event
  • 1928 - Qualifying races began to be held in the days prior to the Regatta to accommodate such high numbers of entries
  • 1960 -
  • 1986 - The Regatta became a 5 day event
  • 1993 - The first year that a woman competed over the full Regatta course
  • 2000 - The Regatta introduced an open event for women's eights
  • 2001 - New events for women and men's quadruple skulls
  • 2021 - The Regatta is due to become a 6 day event

If the event is cancelled due to COVID-19, please be assured that you will have the option to either roll your ticket over to the following year or have a full refund.